Talk with Dorothee Spehar about the most inspiring sustainable fashion brands

Learning is part of our lives and it is inevitable for us as human beings. We learn from practically everything. People we have met before, the condition we were suffering from, comments on the internet, even random stray cat we encountered on the street. In this episode of Imarit Talks With Experts, we talked to Dorothee Spehar from DS Agency about her thought on the most inspiring and interesting sustainable fashion cases we all could learn from.

SELFI is a Cape Town based brand that promotes simplicity and quality as a tool to enhance sustainability. Their effort in community building that enables space for South African designers and creatives, gets Dorothee’s attention as she believes it is one of the defining tools to get a conscious approach forward. Furthermore, SELFI writes precise information on the website about the sourcing of each garment’s materials, environmental impact, textile facts, and care instructions. She thinks that these metrics make it easy to vote with your dollar and support independent designers over fast fashion.

On the other hand, BROTHER VELLIES is a dream scenario for people who are obsessed with shoes (as Dorothee and perhaps every one of us is!). This NYC based brand is perfectly designed, classy yet modern, and the most important one, sustainable. Shoes from Brother Vellies are produced internationally with great honoring of artisan and manufacturing communities. Some of the materials used are by-products of farming such as vegetable-tanned leather. For her, this brand is the definition of sexy sustainability.

Dorothee’s last case is I WAS A SARI. As it has probably been acknowledged already, the word sustainability and India have a difficult history but the development of the collaboration between these two is outstanding. The brand focuses on creating collections from pre-loved Saris in which, according to Dorothy, not only enables the modernization of the cultural textiles to make it more known internationally but also shows the well-made design and tailoring as it does not look like an up-cycling product. As Dorothee said, “Their kaftans and nightdresses are my next top on the list for vacation post-COVID-19!”.

However, Dorothee said there is never really an absolute answer, case, or definition that can work for all brands as personally for her, sustainability is a work in progress and a journey. Everything has to be altered according to the company's focus points, approaches, and styles.

Now, what do you think is the most inspiring sustainable fashion case you have ever recognized?

Dorothee Spehar is the founder of DS AGENCY which focuses on creating sustainability through supply chain dignity and textile compliance. She recently launched Onlyafew, a sustainable fashion project to enhance brand experiences through collaboration. To discover more about Dorothee, visit her LinkedIn.

Written by Adelia Yulinda for Imarit.

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