Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare & Treatment


Imarit takes the wellbeing of alpacas and the Peruvian ecosystem very seriously, that is why we are committed to a holistic approach regarding sustainability that ensures the necessary steps and practices are implemented to preserve and protect these animals and their ecosystem. By focusing our attention on all living beings within this ecosystem, we create a lasting impact on the conservation of biodiversity and species within the fashion supply chain.  


One of our greatest concerns is the welfare of our animals. Therefore, we prioritize ethical and humane treatment above production yield and adhere to the highest standards in the industry. To ensure our products are and remain cruelty-free we regularly review our supplier's practices for compliance with our standards, pushing forward our commitment to positive change in the industry. We stand against excessive and intrusive farming, monoculture, and the poor distribution of poor value creation, and any malpractice that would jeopardize the wellbeing and safety of our animals.  


The mutual relationship between humans and alpacas in Peru goes back centuries and as such we are proud to be involved with this community and fully endorse their traditions and expertise in their craft. As such, we also actively pursue innovation that will positively impact the overall wellbeing of the alpacas and that does not interfere with the cultural way of life for these Peruvians. We fully endorse free-range and cruelty-free shearing, which reduces the negative imprint on the environment and is a necessity for the longevity and health of the alpacas. 


 In Imarit we are committed to creating sustainable partnerships with our suppliers and peers within the fashion industry. We believe that the materials we source, manner of production, or any practice along our supply chain say a lot about a company. Therefore, we are always on the look-out to ensure that our products are made to the highest standards in quality, sustainability, ethics, and well-being to all parties involved; this is what we want to reflect as Imarit.