We are a creative brand that aims to revolutionise the fashion sector by fusing technology and artistry. We sell online, but our knitwear is handmade by women artisans in Peru, with locally-sourced organic alpaca wool.

IMARIT leverages Andean cultural heritage and eases its preservation by merging artistic, traditional clothing production with high-end fashion design.



We are very aware that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and there is a pressing need for change. IMARIT aims to become a role model in the textile industry in terms of circularity. 

1. By avoiding waste throughout our production and distribution process

2. By designing timeless and functional apparel that can be worn season after season, and still look and feel beautiful. 


Timeless fashion, by definition, needs to last. Our clothes are carefully designed and knitted with the best quality alpaca wool.
Our quality guarantee lies on the centuries of Andean craftmanship and weaving tradition that IMARIT seeks to elevate and represent.


Timeless fashion needs to keep it simple. We believe that the core of a sophisticated quality must be a simple design.
Moreover, IMARIT advocates for a fully transparent model in which we can trust each other, keeping a consistent and simple message about how we work, and creating quality personal relationships between all of our stakeholders.  


IMARIT is not a charitable organisation, but have a huge potential to generate a sustainable social impact in the Andean communities we are working with.

We empower women artisans by creating great work opportunities, which in turn allows them to provide for their children and relatives. This increases and improves everyone’s access to basic necessities in the community, such as education and healthcare, and brings about wealth and growth for further prosper-ability.


We strive to reach and influence people with our vision of a world where women artisans can prosper personally and professionally, and to empower them to achieve the internationally recognized prestige they deserve for their artwork.

Our values reflect our commitment to make our customers happy, by using only eco-friendly and high-quality materials in our garnments, by avoiding waste throughout all of our operations, and by paying our artisans a fair living wage.

The approach we take towards product design reflects our efforts to ensure the uniqueness of our garments, fair-trade practices, knowledge transfer and healthy relationships between the brand and the artisans who make it possible.