Who are we?

We are an inspiring and creative company with a vision of a world where there is full circularity in clothing, where materials are kept in continual circulation and there is not textile waste; therefore, we want to create knitwear that turns that vision into reality by fusing technology and artistry.

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What is our Impact

It’s important for the sustainability of the project that those working in it are themselves capable of standing on their own, in areas under their control, but it is important to gain with them the extra mile of entering foreign markets through very specialized niches, breaking through the ‘wall’. 

Our Sustainability Framework


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Sustainability :

We know that fashions as a business activity has negative on the environment, it breeds a throwaway culture to satisfy the need for the new and causes enormous amounts of waste when unsold clothes end up in landfill.
We work to align our business with timeless and functional products that can be wear season after season and still look and feel beautiful.

High quality

Our criteria for high quality is garments made by hand, knitted in a fine luxurious Organic Alpaca Wool yarn.
Making high quality products matters because we reference Peruvian millenary weaving tradition and craftsmanship


Our success lies in keeping a consistent and simple message to inform our customers about our products and how they are made, so they know how much they can trust us and how better weigh their options when buying from us.
We encourage customers to ask the question
‘Who made my clothes?’ to demonstrate our brand integrity and the transparency in our fashion mode


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To reach and influence people with our vision of a world where artisans in the alpaca ecosystem can prosper, create wealth and growth in their own communities empowering them to achieve an internationally recognized prestige

Our values reflect our commitment to make our customers happy by using only eco-friendly materials in our garments and by paying the artisans who made them a fair living wage.

The approach we take towards product design demonstrates our efforts to ensure unique garments, fair-trade practices, knowledge transfer and a healthy relationships between the brand and the artisans who made it possible.