Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep your Imarit knits looking, smelling, and feeling fresh all season long:



  • Hand-wash gently: Dissolve detergent in water (max. temperature 30ºC). Wash the garment for 15 minutes, avoiding excessive soaking. Rinse thoroughly with water at the same temperature. To remove excess water, gently stretch or rub the garment.
  • Machine Wash: Use a delicate cycle with low temperatures and reduced spin. Use a mild detergent or wool wash without bleach. Use a washing bag to prevent damage from buttons and zippers. Wash similar colors together, and turn clothes inside-out to protect the surface and color.

* Bonus Tip: Air out your garment before washing to save time and water, and reduce environmental impact.


  • Roll the knit in a towel to remove excess water instead of wringing it out. Hanging your knitwear to dry can cause it to stretch out of shape. Lay the knitted clothing flat on a towel and reshape it slightly. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.


  • Fold knitted pieces instead of hanging them to maintain their shape.
  • Use natural moth repellents like lavender, rosemary, mint, or cedar. Refresh them every few months.
  • Launder or dry clean clothing before extended storage to prevent moth damage.
  • Keep knitwear in vacuum-sealed bags during summer to protect against insects.


  • Iron the fine knitted piece on the inside to prevent marks on the outside.
  • For alpaca and silk blends, use a damp cloth over the garment while ironing.
  • Invest in a good ironing board to avoid noticeable marks from the metal braid.


  • Natural fiber garments like alpaca may develop fuzzy balls called "pilling" due to friction. It's normal and can be easily removed.
  • Use a special pill comb or electric pill remover to remove the pills.
  • Avoid tearing the fiber by attending to pilling regularly.

Care and Repair:

  • Don't worry if a seam opens, a button loosens, or a tear occurs. Wear and tear are normal.
  • Learn the care symbols on clothing labels to understand how to care for your piece.
  • Keep your alpaca piece aired out after each use to reduce the need for washing.
  • Consider wearing a base layer t-shirt to prolong the garment's lifespan.


*By following these care tips and showing some love to your Imarit knits, you'll enjoy long-lasting satisfaction and appreciation for your favorite pieces.


Stains Vanish, Quality Remains: Our Stain-Resistant Solutions.

Don't let stains ruin your favorite garments. We've got you covered with quick and effective tips to tackle any stain, from pasta to red wine.

• Red Wine - Put a generous amount of salt on the stain. Carefully brush it out as soon as the salt has absorbed the stain, and then wash.

• Dry Shampoo - Apply shaving cream, then wash out and let dry. This can still leave a dark shade after treatment, unfortunately.

• Coffee - Apply mineral water or warm water.

• Oil - First, soak the area up with paper towels, then use water and detergent for washing out the stained area. Just remember not to rub the stain out.

• Makeup. Use Gall soap or baking powder.

• Sweat. Yellowish discoloration can occur due to sweat. Soak in warm water with a shot of vinegar essence; after the short soaking treatment, wash the piece.

• Outdated Stains. For outdated stains, use a gall soap bar for stain removal.