A talk with Paola Cirelli on what inspires sustainability experts

Have you ever wondered about what inspires sustainability experts?

We had an opportunity to chat with Paola Cirelli, a sustainability expert based in Barcelona who specializes in branding and design thinking. Paola gave us her version of interesting brands that she thinks are important in Barcelona, mainly because of how they value and incorporate to such extent sustainability to their organization activity.

According to her, the house names such as Teixidors, AMT, Indianes, and Colmillo de Morsa take a crucial path in Barcelona’s sustainability movement. She especially explained thoroughly about Texidor which has a unique business model, for they promised unique and high-quality unrepeatable products to follow an entirely manual process. For Texidor, sustainability is not only about environmental concern but also a global social issue such as equal integration and responsible consumerism. Moreover, Paola also described that Texidor has been involved in improving economic independence and social integration for people with learning difficulties since its establishment in 1983.

Now, what inspires you?


Paola Cirelli is the founder of FDT (Fashion Design Thinking) Studio. Her mission is to revolutionize designers and the fashion industry in this era of necessary change. To know more about Paola, please visit her LinkedIn and organization website.


Interview and article by Adelia Yulinda for Imarit.


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