Our work in Sustainability

We worked in our own nonlinear, complex but flexible system, which uses one of the most sustainable natural fibers, engages in the conscious design, and helps create sustainable communities of alpaca weavers in Peru. As a result, we offer soft, long-lasting, luxurious, sustainable products for not only value-driven-consumers but for a healthy planet.

Sustainability is a series of complex and dynamic interactions between multiple factors and actors, we use a less intrusive than many other production methods (the animals roam free, they are not hooved, they are well kept/fed).

We have high standards for ensuring we are minimizing our impact on the environment’s biophysical systems with processes that reduce the consumption of water, the use of chemicals, local transportation, and energy. We also commit to designing with less waste, high quality to assure the longevity of the pieces and styles that would not change rapidly. Therefore, our creations are unique artisan pieces that do not change seasonally and retain their quality and value through time. Our fiber is recyclable, and we will soon have our first collection of pure recycled alpaca.